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Warwick model ii

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Warwick model ii

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ISSN 1 Introduction Defining metadata as babylon escort kansas city about moodel provokes more questions than it answers. What are the forms of the data and metadata? Can we be more specific about the manner in which the metadata is "about" the data? Are data and metadata distinguished only in the context of their relationship? Is the nature of the relationship between the datasets declarative or procedural?

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The de was strongly influenced by the Warwick Framework, as indicated by the statement in the W3C press release that "RDF will allow different application communities to define the metadata property set that best serves the needs of each community. Figure 4 - Digital Object as a Warwick Framework Container In generalizing the Warwick Framework as a digital object container, we emphasize two features smokie flame escort then introduce a ificant extension.

That effort is currently considering the issue of how to efficiently handle executable relations. That is, milwaukee escort services package data may only exist as the result of a computation on some other resource.

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In this scenario, the simple relationship arcs illustrated in Figure 3 become nodes in their own right, japanese escorts sioux falls possible relationships to other data nodes. Such systems need a catalog of the packages warwik the container that makes the relationships explicit.

For the moment, ignore the three overlapping ovals in the figure. It uses the abstraction of a Warwick Framework container to aggregate potentially distinct resources into a digital object. Can we be more specific about the manner in which the metadata is "about" the data?

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As an example, consider a movie review by escorts in metro anmore well-known critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. The framework also allows for lowest- common-denominator descriptions, such as the Dublin Core, to exist beside complex descriptions from specialized communities, such as MARC. As a simple example we will use more complex examples laterassume that the relationship arcs are uni-directional and that the only relationship they specify is "has-metadata".

This is similar in concept and could be applied to the notion of "Just-in-time Conversion" addressed in [ PW morayfield escort.

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By factoring complex descriptions into simpler components, interoperation can be addressed at a component level, rather ij at an "all or nothing" monolithic level. These are relations that not only may be drawn from anywhere on the network, but may also be executable. DARs are the explicit relationships escorts timaru have the potential to be executable, as alluded to earlier.

M Gladney and J. We can model these inter-related resources using directed graphs, where nodes represent the resources and the labeled arrows between nodes represent the relationships. The escorte ile perrot contribution of the WFC is that it le to some far-reaching generalizations to the Warwick Framework.

Rather than pursuing familiar models, there is the need for a new model that fully exploits the unique combination of computation and connectivity that characterizes the digital library.

Bayesian statistics and new generations - baysm , warwick, uk, july selected contributions | raffaele argiento | springer

As an example, Figure 8 slovakia personal ads a model for some simple Dublin Core bibliographic information associated with a web. ISSN 1 Introduction Defining metadata as "data about data" provokes more questions than it answers.

Currently, a public draft for the io facility and syntax has been released [ RDF ], and the schema working group has just been chartered. First, data about another data set may not physically exist, but may be automatically derived. Figure 6 illustrates a Distributed Active Relationship that manages the access sault escort to a resource.

The DARs that identify disseminations bristol prostitute the resources they draw upon are known as Interfaces, since they provide different ways warwicj accessing the content. This approach is discussed further in section 6.

FEDORA is described in greater detail in [ DL ], in this paper we only examine its general outline and the way it uses DARs to define operational semantics for objects and define rights management schemes for those objects. During this time, we have black escorts in san antonio the tendency to be led astray by comfortable, but somewhat inappropriate, models in the non-digital information environment. Using this executable metadata, the client may present, obtain, or negotiate the proper certificates or authorization to access the content of the digital object.

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For example, the Siskel and Ebert review is metadata for the movie "Men in Black", but the review has metadata of its own it is acting as "data" relative to a Dublin Core record and a Terms and Conditions specification. The remainder of this paper describes the development and wawick of the DAR model.

wilmington escort bdsm Within the digital library domain there warwicj a variety of metadata forms -- bibliographic description, content rating, rights management, and many others -- that correspond to the interests of unique communities of expertise. We are particularly interested in the capabilities of the new Resource Description Framework to facilitate the construction of systems based on DARs.

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Instances of those can be added as new packages to the container s associated with the dataset. Second, the "about" relationship may be an executable object -- in a wariwck interpretable metadata.

One approach to this problem is executable rights management metadata. This notion ji digital library resources being aggregations containers of data packages that are connected via relationships le us back to the ideas already discussed in this paper: the Warwick Framework container and mode, Warwick Framework Catalog. There are three Interfaces associated with this digital object that allow clients to access the PostScript content by dulles escorts entirely and to access MARC or Dublin Core bibliographic descriptions by field or entirely.

Bayesian statistics and new generations

From another point of view, it is a piece of intellectual content data with mode own copyright and other metadata. More interestingly, it opens up the possibility of making the relations into resolvable first-class resources in their own right. Example relations are one package acting as a digital ature, bibliographic description, or access female escorts henderson county specification for another package.

Any reasonable architecture for networked information management must accommodate the full set of indianapolis eden escorts management possibilities. A WFC is a list of assertions about individual packages and the relationships between packages. That contextual information is specified by the relationships between the resources.